The Real Reason Why the Democratic National Convention Won't Be Shortened

On July 2, the Los Angeles Times' political blog published "A Short But Sweet Gathering," which reported that unnamed aides for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama had floated the idea of ending the Democratic National Convention one day early, on August 27, in order to give their guy "an extra day of post-nomination bounce in the crowded August calendar." A small piece in the July 3 Denver Post quoted Denver mayor John Hickenlooper (taking a break from the overblown Black National Anthem controversy) to guarantee such a thing wouldn't happen.

Hick's right, of course -- but neither the Times nor the Post bothered to mention the real reason. August 28, the day Obama is expected to give his acceptance speech, is exactly 45 years to the day since Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a little talk of his own -- one that included the phrase "I have a dream."

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