The Real World of Jared Polis, courtesy of CNN

Freshman Boulder Congressman Jared Polis caused a stir yesterday -- both locally and nationally, it seems -- when the Denver Post reported that he told a progressive political group on Saturday that bloggers killed the Rocky Mountain News, an act he hailed as "mostly for the better."

Now, we could debate whether Polis deserved the (arguably) bad press and whether his rep will suffer. But we won't. Instead, we'll ask the this burning question: Why wasn't this juicy development in the Polis-sphere chronicled in Episode 4 of "Freshman Year," CNN's You-Tube-ready reality show about two totally different freshman congressmen picked to serve in the House?

The show stars Polis, a liberal Democrat and the first openly gay male House member, and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a conservative Utah father of three who sleeps on a cot in his congressional office to save money. It's filmed by the congressmen themselves, using handheld cameras à la Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.

Here's the plot: Chaffetz votes against the stimulus bill, Polis eats soggy tacos. Chaffetz eats a bad burrito, Polis holds a staff meeting. Chaffetz's kids wash dishes, Polis's partner cooks fish. The violin-y theme music in the opening credits makes the show sound like it's going to be much more exciting than it is. The disappointing truth is that viewers spend most of their time time looking up Polis's and Chaffetz's noses as they turn the cameras on themselves and narrate.

In Episode 4, Polis brings his staff to Boulder for a retreat during which, in addition to drafting his congressional game plan, he treats them to a short hike, a yoga session and a vegan dinner. Before dinner, Polis suggests that everyone at the table introduce themselves. We learn that one of his staff members had a pet turkey and that another's favorite color is "diamonds." In this same episode, we see a framed X-ray of Chaffetz's foot and learn that he considers his wife to be "smokin' hot."

Alas, no mention of Internet-entrepreneur Polis's assertion that bloggers killed the Rocky. Let's hope his controversial comments are covered extensively in Episode 5 -- and that Episodes 6, 7 and 8 chronicle Chaffetz getting drunk in a hot tub, Polis getting kicked out of a nightclub, and a knock-down, drag-out, spit-in-your-face fight with Nancy Pelosi over who drank the last Red Bull.

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