The Rockies, and the upside of humiliation, Giants-style

Our blog previewing yesterday's Colorado Rockies series against the San Francisco Giants was headlined "

Rockies Mission: Solve Tim Lincecum

." But that mission proved impossible. Lincecum, who'd squelched the Rocks the last time he'd faced them, repeated the feat, turning Colorado bats into the equivalent of portable fans en route to

a 9-1 Giants pummeling

. It was a thoroughly dispiriting performance, particularly in so important a matchup. However, the margin of victory could prove inspirational. If the Rockies are the playoff team those of us on the bandwagon believe they are, they'll respond to this drubbing with a much stronger offensive display -- and with Ubaldo Jiminez scheduled to return to the mound for Colorado, the Giants should have a much more difficult time ringing up runs. A feel-good win would go a long way toward reestablishing the Rockies' momentum, whereas another loss -- be it by a little or a lot -- will enforce the impression that Colorado is able to beat up on bad teams at home but has great difficulty besting more talented ones on the road, as they'll need to do if they make the postseason. Another key contest? You got it -- but at least Lincecum won't be any part of it.

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