Flower power.

The scent of money at the Colorado Lottery

Flowers are expensive, what with the economy and all. So why not buy the next best thing: the $3 Crossword Bouquet from the Colorado Lottery!

Well, "the next best thing" might be stretching it. But the latest scratch ‘n’ sniff lotto ticket certainly smells more strongly than the first one I wrote about, Coffee Crossword – which recalled eau de cardboard rather than eau de coffee. The third and final scented tickets should smell like chocolate and will be released sometime next year.

So what does Crossword Bouquet – which debuted this month – smell like? A combination of alley lilacs and old-lady perfume is as close as I can get to describing it.

Of course, I wish it had smelled like money, which it didn’t, since I lost – again. – Jonathan Shikes

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