The Slimming Continues

The April 5 edition of the Message dealt with a buyout plan that was offered by the Rocky Mountain News to employees age 55 and above who've worked for the tabloid or another paper owned by E.W. Scripps for at least ten years. At the time, speculation was rampant that the Denver Post, which had put forward its own buyout plan last year, would soon follow suit -- and these predictions have proven to be accurate.

Below is the memo in question, sent under the signature of Post editor Greg Moore (pictured):

To The Staff:

On Monday, April 23, in the auditorium on the first floor, we will have two very important staff meetings. I don't think there is any secret that our newspaper and others have been facing some challenging times. Even though just a year ago we went through buyouts in an effort to reduce costs, the financial situation facing the paper and the Denver Newspaper Agency requires additional measures be taken. At meetings at 11 a.m. and again at 4 p.m., we will explain details of another round of buyouts in an effort to cut expenses without having to do layoffs. These buyouts will be offered to Guild and exempt employees. I really hope we are able to achieve the savings we need and every effort has been made to construct an offer that will help us get there. The meetings will give us a chance to share details of the offers with you and answer questions. I know this is tough and introduces more anxiety in already difficult times. But we will get through it.

See you then,


Thus far, the Rocky hasn't formally announced which of its staffers will be departing. But those on the way out will likely be joined before long by numerous peers at the Post. -- Michael Roberts

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