"Now please welcome... who?"

The Springsteen- and Bon Jovi-free DNC acceptance speech

One of the big debates among inhabitants of section 524 at Barack Obama's Invesco Field at Mile High acceptance speech on Thursday involved the musical acts that would be taking part -- especially the headliners. Over the previous week or so, the media had been filled with contradictory reports. Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi are both going to appear. Springsteen won't, but Bon Jovi will. Bon Jovi won't, but Springsteen will. So we were filled with anticipation until the announcer introduced that the final musical act of the night would be... Michael McDonald? The foggy voiced guy from the second iteration of the Doobie Brothers? Singing a somnambulant version of "America the Beautiful" that gave everyone another reason to wish that Ray Charles was still alive? There's got to be someone after him, right? Right? But no -- Springsteen was represented by two spins of "Born in the U.S.A.," and I don't remember hearing any Bon Jovi at all. That kind of decision gives love a bad name. -- Michael Roberts

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