The Ten Best States to Retire, and Where Colorado Rests

Most people who move to Colorado are interested in an active lifestyle.

And that includes those who come to our fair state to retire.

No wonder Colorado did so well in a WalletHub study that names the best and worst states in which to retire.

A key factor used to determine the final roster includes the number of things to do in these parts as gathered under the umbrella term "quality of life."

That factor is rated higher in Colorado than it is in all but a handful of places in the U.S.

Check out the photo-illustrated top ten below — and to check out the complete WalletHub post, with much more information. click here.

Number 10: Virginia

Total Score: 61.06
‘Affordability’ Rank: 15
‘Quality of Life’ Rank: 14
‘Health Care’ Rank: 31

Number 9: Nevada

Total Score: 61.19
‘Affordability’ Rank: 8
‘Quality of Life’ Rank: 12
‘Health Care’ Rank: 43

Number 8: Montana

Total Score: 61.39
‘Affordability’ Rank: 21
‘Quality of Life’ Rank: 22
‘Health Care’ Rank: 10

Number 7: Texas

Total Score: 61.85
‘Affordability’ Rank: 9
‘Quality of Life’ Rank: 16
‘Health Care’ Rank: 40

Number 6: Idaho

Total Score: 62.19
‘Affordability’ Rank: 10
‘Quality of Life’ Rank: 32
‘Health Care’ Rank: 29

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