The ten best tweets from last night's Denver #WebAwards

There is only one thing better than a drunken tweet, and that is a drunken tweet by someone who can actually say something clever in 140 characters. We are, of course, talking about last night's Denver #WebAwards at Casselman's. Between the booze and snacks from Dave and Buster's and the strange and kind of awesome performance by Total Ghost, not to mention the fact that we got Occupied, the night was a success. If you missed it, these tweets should fill in the gaps.

10. Total Ghost was vibrating pants. That's how serious this was. http://twitter.com/#!/denverdiatribe/status/137011471451291648

9. Some do, apparently, give bloggers more credit than they deserve. A writer's riot? I thought this was a "networking" (Re: drinking) event? http://twitter.com/#!/TheDenverDish/status/137033464695361537

8. Guests and nominees could feel the magic.

7.Aaaaaand on the other side of the Twittersphere, there is just never enough blow jobs and coke in Denver. http://twitter.com/#!/drinkofwater/status/137027042783924224

6. Who wouldn't take this as a compliment?

5. Doing what fearless MF'ers do. http://twitter.com/#!/bananalaney/status/137010084545970176

4. The lineup for the evening inspired only the greatest of confidence... http://twitter.com/#!/FWPHPodcast/status/137003637309325314

3. ...by tweeting like LOL cats to draw the crowd. http://twitter.com/#!/TotalGhost/status/136999569216126978

2. Obviously, only the classiest of people are attracted to awards ceremonies. http://twitter.com/#!/thebobbycrane/status/137024789926772738

1.Did we mention it was classy? Because really, clearly, the bright lights of stardom can't be far off. http://twitter.com/#!/MattMegaC/status/137052491354345473

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.