The Truth is Out There, In East Denver, On Pena Boulevard

Leo Tanguma's murals at Denver International Airport are rich with symbolism. The artist maintains the works have nothing to do with Illuminati's plans for one world government, but the internet, in all it's glory, is rife with people who won't be convinced.

For the most in-depth discussion out there on the "truth" behind (or under) DIA, head over to Coast to Coast and listen to the June 11 show.

Here's an interesting anaylysis of the symbolism in Tanguma's work.

Here's another one, this one is set to soothing world music and actually attempts to debunk the conspiracy theories.

This guy claims that on third of the amount of dirt moved to make the Panama Canal was excavated to build DIA. Why, you ask? To build an underground “filter” facility and shadow city where the human race will be cleansed of impurities. He also claims that you can use the murals as “an artistic creative measure of ALIENS....errrr...the alien agenda. The Nazi alien agenda.”

This one invites viewers to “judge it by(sic) yourself,” however, with wall-to-wall Gregorian chant set to the creepiest ambient electronica, this video leaves viewers with little option but to infer sinister, closed-door collaborations between the Illuminati and the race of reptilian humanoids who no doubt rule globe from underneath the airport.

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Sean Cronin