The Twelve Presidential Candidates Colorado Googles Most

Last night's Republican presidential debate, conducted by the Fox Business channel, featured fewer candidates on the main stage (eight) than in previous GOP events.

But there remain a slew of hopefuls seeking the Republican and Democratic nominations.

Which are generating the most interest in Colorado? One way of measuring that is by measure Google Trends scores for each candidate over the past twelve months — which is precisely what the folks at Estately did for all fifty states, including Colorado.

No surprise who scored highest in our fair state: Donald Trump. But the breakdown elsewhere is plenty surprising. Note that Hillary Clinton has the second-highest Google Trends score among female candidates and Bernie Sanders, for whom Colorado would seem to be a natural fit, is practically an also ran.

Count down the twelve most-Googled candidates below, featuring photos and their Google Trends scores. To see the original Estately post, click here.

Number 12: Chris Christie
Google Trends score: 13

Number 11: John Kasich
Google Trends score: 14

Number 10: Mike Huckabee
Google Trends score: 22

Number 9: Bernie Sanders
Google Trends score: 23

Number 8: Marco Rubio
Google Trends score: 48

Number 7: Rand Paul
Google Trends score: 51

Number 6: Jeb Bush
Google Trends score: 51

Number 5: Hillary Clinton
Google Trends score: 59

Number 4: Carly Fiorina
Google Trends score: 60

Number 3: Ben Carson
Google Trends score: 60

Number 2: Ted Cruz
Google Trends score: 63

Number 1: Donald Trump
Google Trends score: 72

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.