The Ultimate Rockies Fan: Does Such a Thing Exist?

Let the national media and every blogspot pundit list the reasons why Rockies fans don't deserve the sheer elation we're experiencing at the moment. Let them say the Simpsons has been around longer than our beloved team. Let them opine that Denver has no home-grown fanbase because the town is solely a weigh station for transplants. Let them think we're not on the East Coast and therefore undeserving of Sports Center air time. Let them note that nobody's grandfather sacrificed a meal during the depression to sit in the stands at Coors Field.

Let everyone else sleep on our team.

If you know who David Neid is, if you have a collectable cup with Alex Cole on it, if you chose to play first base in little league because you loved Andres Galarraga, you deserve every last bit of the afterglow you're experiencing. If you found yourself able to sit through a game pitched by Armando "The Human Rain Delay" Reynoso, the Hampton-Neagle years, and through the rebuilding of this amazing team, then you are as deserving, if not more, than any baseball fan any who ever sat sat and cried at Wrigley or Fenway. And I guarantee you're less annoying.

So here we go, Rockies Nation, let's record the history here. In the comments section below, in 300 words or less, tell us why you, and this city, have every right to celebrate with blind, stupid, reckless abandon. -- Sean Cronin

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Sean Cronin