The Blog Shortcut, August 1

The blog shortcut returns after a brief absence to guide you around the wild world of Westword's blogs. Hope you didn't miss us too much.

Never afraid to incite a shitstorm, Westword is leading the charge against feces with the Denver Doo Doo Accord, an agreement to refrain from the use or abuse of feces as a protest or anti-protest tool. Head to Demver to read about it or just click here, then download it and sign up.

Cat's Pajamas looked at some some stinkers of their own, such as this Project Runway challenge winner. Get over that by having a look at Urbanity fashions and reading the latest thrifting guide, about clothing swaps.

Elsewhere, Cafe Society investigated an alarming potato-chip shortage, got pissed off at being carded, and found some weird cherry M&Ms. And Backbeat Online has their own wrap-up, covering the entire week, which will guide you through another week of in-depth music coverage. -- Cory Casciato


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