The Westword.com Blog Shortcut, August 5 Edition

Summertime -- and the blog-readin' is easy.

In Demver, Jared Jacang Maher provides a visual tour of what he terms the "protest cage" -- the area outside the Pepsi Center where DNC demonstrators will be allowed to exercise their free-speech rights while safely encased in chain link. The Constitution lives. Also on tap: a video in which Focus on the Family's Stuart Shepard prays for rain during the convention. Wet and wild! The Cat's Pajamas mixes and matches teen trends and fashionable grunge and sings the praises of shopping at Goodwill Online. It's the thrifty thing to do. Cafe Society pays tribute, too, saluting a new patio at Benny's Restaurante y Tequila Bar and the tube-shaped miracles that are the wieners at Mile High Vienna Beef. Hot dog. Finally, Backbeat Online reviews a show starring Eef Barzelay and offers a glimpse of The Apples in Stereo on The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert quipped that he's loved the band since they were The Apples in Mono -- but we've dug the group since before it was in anything other than our fair city. -- Michael Roberts

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