The blog shortcut, February 19 edition

Join us, won't you?

Today in Backbeat Online:Dialed in: local music on the radio. • Update: Lineup for Mile-Hi Fidelity day party at SXSW confirmed. • Holding on by letting go, part one.

Today in Cafe Society:Ted's Montana Grill offers a "real deal."Today's bite of Cafe Bites. • Get your hands on a Knork, the new way to eat.

Today in The Latest Word:Could the Rocky Mountain News spend another month-plus in limbo?Denver Post interviewing Rocky Mountain News personnel. • Colorado Republicans' Obama attack ad passes mouse misinformation. • Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: Today is Pork Meadows Mall Appreciation Day!Swastika Guy was out and proud at anti-stimulus protest. Just think of him as Rocky Mountain Heil!


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