The Westword.com blog shortcut, January 12 edition

In this day and age...

Today in Backbeat Online:Hear Nathaniel Rateliff on Matt Pinfield's morning show. • Holy treasure trove of live local boots. • Mile High Makeout: Frontmen on the front lines. • The Blackout Pact is back, Jack!Live review: Buzzards and Fanatics at Carioca Cafe. • Club 303 opens in old Polly Esther space, looks like a decent-enough place to get drunk.

Today in Cafe Society:Adam Mali resurfaces at Nick's Cove. • Former Palomino going prime. • A Milking It review of Honey Bunches of Oats with Real Chocolate Clusters. • Update: McRib dominates me. • Diego Zhang's will blow your mind. As for the food...

Today in The Latest Word:Thanks for nothing, highway crews and city snowplow drivers. • Offensive expert Josh McDaniels as new Broncos coach? WTF?Is this D-week for the Rocky Mountain News?Introducing Kenny Be's Yard Arteology. • Meet your match, Basil the beer-delivering robot: BaR2-D2. That does not compute. -- Michael Roberts

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