The Westword.com blog shortcut, January 16 edition

Blogus interruptus.

Today in Cafe Society:Fry me to the moon. • Candy Girls: Strawberry Charleston Chew. • Colorado's fast-expanding, fast-improving fast-casual world.

Today in Backbeat Online:Mile High Makeout: Guerillas in the mix. • This just in: Thursday is the new Friday. • Update: Mile-Hi Fidelity stream + playlist 01-14-09. • A Shoreline Dream shifts into "Hypermode" for new record. • The Fray on (inside) cover of Rolling Stone.

Today in The Latest Word:Feds out of voucher money for digital conversion boxes, so I guess I'm quitting television. • Colorado first among equals in NBC correspondent Chuck Todd's new Obama election book. • Meet Jeff Wilks, new owner of The Wolf, The Mix and KOOL 105. • Ranking the 2009 holidays: the Childless Dirtbag edition. • Music director John "Whip" Wilbur fights to save 101.5. And his gloves are off.

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