The blog shortcut, January 30 edition

The weekend is so close you can practically smell it. Or maybe that's your aftershave.

Today in Backbeat Online:The Normal Ones really aren't. • Sneak peek: 3 the Hardway's new album, Set in Stone. • Talking during shows: another fan's perspective.

Today in Cafe Society:SPAM on wry. • The SPAM champ among us. • Candy Girls: Reese's Select Clusters. • Today Only! $.43 Entrees at Spicy Pickle. • The goal is simple at Full Belly.

Today in The Latest Word:Three businesses expanding operations in Denver. Really...Is Jay Cutler the reincarnation of Jeff George?Advice to American journalists looking for work: Learn to speak German. • Is KOOL 105's loss Cruisin' Oldies' gain?The Rocky Mountain News throws one heck of a migil. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.


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