The Westword.com blog shortcut, January 8 edition

You were saying?

Today in Backbeat Online:The Pirate Signal invades Sundance, takes no prisoners. • Havok inks deal with Candlelight Records. • Mile High Fidelity playlist 01-07-09. • Almost famous? Not for much longer, perhaps. • Rap-Up: Spoke-in-Words can freak it in Spanish, too. • Autokinoton closes up shop.

Today in Cafe Society:Lights out at Cebiche... for now. • Arvada Grill is gone. • Starbucks' Tazo Tea Lattes. • Veggie Girl samples Racines. • Restaurant Kevin Taylor celebrates its tenth birthday...

Today in The Latest Word:Turnabout is fair play: Ex-FEMA head Michael Brown evacuated in Boulder fire. • Video: High winds in Boulder blow women across office parking lot. • Denver Newspaper Agency's deadline day could get bloody. • Debate over spiked Rocky Mountain News media column heats up. • When it comes to filler, Rocky's Spotlight section keeps on truckin'. Ten-four, good buddy. -- Michael Roberts

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