John Tesh, Red Rocks god.

The blog shortcut, September 11 edition

Blogging is fun-damental.

Backbeat Online features a slideshow of fourteen memorable (or not) live recordings made at Red Rocks. Which category would you put John Tesh's album in? Also earning items of their own: a preview of the new Portugal. The Man album, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Frontside 5 gear, and the decision by Fear Before the March of Flames' members to shorten their moniker to Fear Before. A terrible move in my opinion -- but, of course, I like flames.

The Cat's Pajamas checks in with more about the IKEA store coming to Denver. And Cafe Society examines the open-and-shut cases of Lala's and Prime 121 and divulges particulars about the planned opening of two new Lime restaurants. Juicy stuff. -- Michael Roberts


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