Nate Windham behind the bar.
Nate Windham behind the bar.
Photo by Nancy Levine

The blog shortcut, September 22 edition

Shake it up.

Today in Cafe Society:Behind the Bar: Nate Windham from The Office@Blondies. • Ten hard-to-find beers you should try from Colorado. • Great American Beer Festival Q&A: Laughing Dog. • From Charlie the Tuna to Frito Bandito, the ten worst food mascots ever. • Top Chef victor Hosea Rosenberg takes a sabbatical from Jax Boulder.

Today in Backbeat Online:The Chain Gang of 1974 premiers new song. • Hello Kavita's readies excellent new album for release. • Nathaniel Rateliff & the Wheel score some pretty choice CMJ gigs. • Pixies bringing Doolittle tour to Denver in November. • Last Night: Sunny Day Real Estate at the Ogden Theatre.

Today in The Latest Word:Zazi's lawyer earns uncomfortable spotlight time. • JaMarcus another reason not to overrate Broncos D. • Who really wrote Colorado's medical-marijuana law?Glenn Beck-target Yosi Sergant's DNC bash. • Meet two Colorado cons released early in budget-cutting move. Free at last.


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