The Wicked Wig of the West Joins Our Crazy Bandit Name Hall of Fame

Right now, the FBI is on the lookout for a woman accused of robbing five banks in the metro Denver area wearing an ultra-ugly hairpiece.

Hence the nickname bestowed upon her by the Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force: The Wicked Wig of the West.

The bandit nickname is a task-force tradition we've celebrated often over the years. With that in mind, we present not just one Schmuck of the Week, but a whole slew of them, by way of the ten monikers that belong in the Crazy Bandit Name Hall of Fame.

See our ten faves below. In the meantime, if you have any information about the Wicked Wig of the West, you're encouraged to contact Metro Denver Crimestoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867). The reward for information leading to her arrest and conviction has risen to $7,000.

Number 10: The Panty Bandit

The Panty Bandit terrorized the underwear drawers of northwest Denver residents for years, starting in 2003.

Finally, in June 2008, a pair of Denver police detectives set up what was described as "a plan of action, which started with conducting a thorough neighborhood survey of a six-block radius around the victims' residences. On 06-12-07, while conducting the survey, they made contact with a Carlos Vigil.... His mannerisms and information he provided to the detectives led them to believe that he was somehow involved with the burglaries."

Number 9: The Bad Hatter Bandit

On June 1, 2010, members of the task force arrested Debra Flamio on suspicion of robbing a TCF Bank on University Boulevard, as well two others in the vicinity.

We think you can probably guess how she got her nickname....

Number 8: The $83 Bandit

We first reported about the $83 Bandit — so named because his crimes "often included odd numbers that have the numeral 3 in them" — in 2009.

In February of the following year, Frank Lewis was arrested in connection with his crimes: fourteen of them, according to the FBI.

His number was up.

Number 7: The Hoppin' Hooded Bandits

The Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force alerted the public to three memorable bank jobs committed on December 2, December 9 and December 15 of 2010 by men dubbed the Hoppin' Hooded Bandits, because of their proclivity for jumping over counters to collect their booty.

They were subsequently identified by authorities as Joshua Licona and Timothy McGlothin.

Number 6: The Shaggy Bandit

The Shaggy Bandit was named "because of his resemblance to a cartoon character from the show Scooby-Doo," the Safe Streets Task Force revealed.

But Christopher Lee Richardson, the man ultimately accused of Shaggy-ness, was no slacker. A criminal complaint lodged against him circa September 2009 suggested that he may have committed as many as seventeen bank robberies in four states.

Continue to keep counting down the ten individuals in our Crazy Bandit Name Hall of Fame.

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