Things to Do in Denver When You're Not Dead

Now it looks like Colorado's latest celebrity arrived in this state by accident. .

According to his attorney, fugitive financier Norman Hsu was "sick and confused" and may have mistakenly gotten out of an Amtrak train heading to Denver rather than the Bay Area Rapid Transit train that would have taken him to a scheduled court appearance in California..

Yeah, and if you believe that, I've got a couple million bucks for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Lawyer Jason Booth is in Grand Junction to appear at Hsu's extradition hearing today; Hsu wound up in that town when he was taken off the Amtrak train in a very "confused" state (to put it mildly -- there are reports of suicide notes and empty pill bottles) and sent to a Grand Junction hospital on September 6.

And now it looks like Hsu will be gone before he could even acclimate to Colorado's altitude, since Booth says that his client will waive extradition, thus ending a fifteen-year run from justice.

And ending another short chapter in Colorado's celebrity-starved history, which earlier this summer included a brief stay by Andrew Speaker, the globe-trotting TB sufferer who said he was told that if he didn't get to Denver, he'd die. Now he's back in Georgia, alive and well. -- Patricia Calhoun

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