This meter maid -- make that Denver parking officer -- should get a ticket for being a Shmuck

Sometimes we deserve the ticket. Sometimes we don't. And sometimes, well, sometimes a little human courtesy would be nice.

But Denver's parking enforcement officers aren't known for their human courtesy. In fact, they often go out of their way to give tickets to people who borderline infractions.

It's almost like they enjoy the aggravation it causes.

In return, these officers get spit on, run over, cursed out and called names -- "meter maid" in the case of Officer Eric Madril, who ticketed Denver resident Joshua Miscles on August 19 for not having a front license plate.

According to a story at 9News.com, the argument between the two got heated (Miscles says the plate was on his dashboard in the front window) and Miscles called him a "meter maid." Afterward, Madril sought revenge by asking fellow officer, John Culhane, to write a second ticket -- a $150 one that claimed Miscles had parked in a handicapped spot.

Miscles complained after receiving the ticket in the mail and took the case to court. Turns out he hadn't parked in the handicapped spot and that Culhane was nowhere near him at the time. After investigating, Culhand was suspended for two days, 9News reports.

Sounds like Madril and Culhane both deserve to appear in Shmuck court.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.