Those cards weren't giveaways, Belmar attendees

From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. this past Wednesday, The Lab at Belmar hosted opening-night festivities in honor of new exhibitions entitled "The Astounding Problem of Andrew Novick" and "Out of Sequence: Underrepresented Voices in American Comics." Unfortunately, some valuable items walked away along with the attendees after the bash concluded, as executive director Adam Lerner noted in an e-mail sent yesterday. It reads:

Dear Friends,

We gave away lots of free things to the 900 of you who came to The Lab's opening last night (7 gallons of dill pickles, a few dozen rocks, etc.), so we really don't blame those of you who mistakenly thought we were giving away those beautifully painted cards sitting in the magazine rack. But we need them back. Seriously, if you, or anyone you know, took home one of the paintings from Mark Brandl's magazine rack installation, we would be grateful if you could return it as soon as possible. It's very embarrassing to us and very unfortunate for the artist.

Contact the Lab at 303-934-1777 if you've got one or more of the cards. But don't worry about the pickles. They're all yours.

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