Tim Tebow 5th worst QB in NFL according to ESPN's obviously confused quarterback metric

Even Tim Tebow haters have got to be amused by the way his unconventional play has left so-called NFL experts tongue-tied and confused. And even long-established formulas are worthless when it comes to illustrating how he wins.

Prime example: ESPN's Total QBR quarterback ranking system, which can't figure out The Chosen One.

As pointed out by the Washington Post, Tebow is singlehandedly destroying the credibility of the system, as the Week 13 stats demonstrate.

Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers sits atop the rankings -- no argument there, since he's having a historic season -- and Drew Brees and Tom Brady certainly deserve to be in the second and third slots, respectively. But the further down the list you read, the more dubious the roster gets, with the bottom section in particular inviting debate -- especially among the Tebow faithful. Timmy is listed in the 30th position out of 34 hurlers, with only the Cardinals' Kevin Kolb, the Rams' Sam Bradford (currently being destroyed by none other than failed Denver head coach Josh McDaniels), the Colts' woeful Curtis Painter and Jacksonville's Blaine Gabbert behind him.

This despite having led the team to a 6-1 record, as well as defeating six quarterbacks ranked higher than he is: the Dolphins' Matt Moore (No. 11), the Raiders' Carson Palmer (No. 19), the Jets' Mark Sanchez (No. 29), the Chiefs' Matt Cassel (No. 21), the Chargers' Philip Rivers (No. 16) and the Vikings' Christian Ponder (No. 20).

No, Tebow didn't manufacture all these Ws by himself. He got an enormous assist from his defense, led by super-rookie Von Miller. But in several games, he willed the team to victory via last-minute drives. And his never-say-die attitude has proven to be contagious. He clearly wasn't only along for the ride.

Given those factors, Tebow's placement as the fifth worst quarterback on the NFL says a lot less about him and a lot more about the uselessness of Total QBR.

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