Tim Tebow: He's better than Superman -- and a new hope like Luke Skywalker

Thanks to media hype about everything from his classical beauty to his autographing skills, Tim Tebow has attracted haters and worshippers alike.

Count among the latter group. The site seduces folks to sign up (for free) with a list of the 51 reasons Tebow's better than Superman.

No, we're not going to share the whole thing. But here are some highlights:

1. Tim won a Heisman trophy

3. Tim has no fear

9. He's not afraid to cry in public

14. Tebow takes pictures with random people

27. Tim doesn't get DUIs

34. He's been to the White House several times

42. Tim is always willing to lend a helping hand

51. If you spend 5 minutes with Tim Tebow, you will be a better person

The site is also a font of Tebow news and appreciation -- although a newly posted video can be read in a puzzling variety of ways.

The clip kicks off with images from the first Star Wars movie -- specifically, shots of an attack on Luke Skywalker's Tatooine home superimposed with the words, "Denver is in ruin."

So far, so accurate. And the transition from the next phrase -- "A prophet states that there is a new hope" -- to footage of Tebow kicking ass in various drills makes perfect sense, too. But then, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen's voice is heard coming out of evil Emperor Palpatine. Huh? And the whole thing ends with Palpatine mewling "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen" prior to a mad cackle.

So... is Tebow the savior of the galaxy, or the seemingly benign tool of a dastardly madman? Judge for yourself below:

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