Tim Tebow jerseys for half off? Maybe with a little sewing

Tim Tebow's new Broncos jersey was the hottest seller among all NFL draft day selections, and they're flying off local shelves.

But is there a way to get one for half price? Maybe.

Credit for the concept goes to Gary Schneeberger, spokesman for Focus on the Family, whose Colorado Springs-based organization sponsored a Super Bowl ad featuring Tebow and his mom. When talking up the Broncos' selection of Tebow last week as being good for the team and America, Schneeberger noted that many commenters on the FOTF Facebook page were already eager to get a Tebow jersey.

Then, during an interview this morning about the departure of FOTF's Melissa Fryrear, Schneeberger mentioned that he'd been in a Dick's Sporting Goods outlet last night and saw that all the jerseys like those once worn by the dear, departed Brandon Marshall were on sale for half price.

Since Tebow will inherit Marshall's number fifteen, Schneeberger suggested that some sharp operator might want to print out fabric strips bearing Tebow's name that could be placed over Marshall's moniker and sell them for, say, five bucks a pop. That way, people could either buy discounted Marshall jerseys and magically transform them into spanking new Tebows on the cheap or revitalize the Marshall jersey they already own and will never wear again.

Great idea. And now, local capitalists, the ball is in your hands.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.