Tim Tebow makes Denver more livable, says ESPN

The debate continues: Was the decision to draft Florida QB Tim Tebow good for the Broncos and good for America or deserving of the bile spewed by

Now, ESPN's Page 2 has waded into this controversy. Earlier this month, Forbes magazine published its list of the most livable cities in America -- a roster topped by Pittsburgh, with Denver failing to make the top ten.

In contrast, ESPN decided to judge the livability of cities from a sports perspective -- and Tebow is a big part of the reason Denver makes the grade.

Here's the Denver segment:

Livable: The Nuggets, Avalanche and Rockies are consistent winners. The Broncos have been down, but now they have Tim Tebow, and he gives Denver unmatched livable intangibles. Plus, if you actually like to, you know, participate in athletic activities, you can't do much better than living in Denver.

Unlivable: Be careful with all that activity. You could tear your hamstring or something.

Verdict: Livable. Although that's a gross understatement. Tim Tebow is in town. I don't think anyone would refer to heaven as "livable."

So there you have it. Anywhere Tim Tebow is -- and he's back in Colorado today for one of those (totally involuntary) voluntary mini-camps -- immediately becomes a little slice of heaven.

Suck on that, Forbes.

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