Tim Tebow not panicking -- yet -- about what Josh McDaniels's firing means to his NFL future

When it comes to Twitter, Tim Tebow is no Chad Ochocinco. Other than taking part in a Thanksgiving-themed promotion for Jockey, the underwear company he promotes via photos that caused multiple, small orgasms among fans in July, he hardly tweeted last month. But after the Broncos fired Josh McDaniels yesterday, Tebow weighed in not once but twice about the man to whose fortunes his NFL career was supposedly tied.

Here's Tebow's first take, put out shortly after the news broke:

Thank you for everything you did for me Coach McDaniels, including drafting me into this great organization. I wish you nothing but the bestless than a minute ago via HootSuite

It was followed by this salute to running backs coach Eric Studesville, who'll skipper the team on an interim basis for the rest of this dreadful season.

We fully support Coach Studesville... He will do a great job in his new position and will make Broncos fans proud of this team! GB2less than a minute ago via HootSuite

Yep, boring stuff, particularly in comparison with our Top 10 tweets about Coach McD's firing -- and the comments posted on Tebow's Facebook page in response to these same messages are equally free of concern. Some samples:

Robyn Allen: Tim, you are such a class act. You always make us proud. Stay safe and strong, my beloved brother. 5 hours ago

Natasha Andjelkovic: More than anything you've done on the football field I'm proud of how hard you work and how positive you are. More than a W-L record, these things are what matters. Every major change brings uncertainty, and all you can do is just do what you've always done, look forward, study and practice. Good luck, and remember there are many people, your family, friends and football fans, who love you just for who you are, not for how many touchdowns you've scored for the team lately. 4 hours ago

Jeanette Johnson: You go Tim! God is looking out for you. 4 hours ago

Of course, Tebow could well be in trouble if the next Broncos coach thinks he'll have more trouble converting his skills to the NFL than did McDaniels, who, truth be told, talked up the Chosen One more than he actually used him. (Already, interim coach Studesville is saying Kyle Orton will remain the Broncos starting QB.) But at this point, maintaining his usual sunny outlook is a good strategy -- one likely to keep those ultra-popular Tim Tebow jerseys selling whether he's actually given a chance to play for an extended stretch this season or not.

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