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"Tim Tebow pass" to replace "uncatchable" in NFL rule book?

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Although Tim Tebow hasn't been a Denver Bronco since March 2012, when he was traded to the New York Jets, he remains a favorite of many in these parts, since he achieved his greatest professional glory wearing orange and blue. And even though he's out of football at the moment, he continues to make news, albeit of the not particularly positive type. To whit: A former NFL official is suggesting that Tebow's name has become synonymous with "uncatchable," and his photo was included in a white-powder-filled letter that led to the evacuation of a city hall in New Jersey. Photos, videos and details below.

The "uncatchable" quote arose in conjunction with the controversy over the ending of the Monday Night Football game between the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots, the Broncos' next opponents. For the non-MNF junkies among you, the Pats' Tom Brady threw a pass to tight end Rob Gronkowski in the end zone during the contest's waning seconds. A Gronk grab would have resulted in a New England win, but he was unable to haul in the ball because he was blatantly mugged by the Panthers' Luke Kuechly. Here's a look at the contact, looped GIF-style:

A flag was tossed on the play, but officials later waved off the penalty under the theory that the ball had been uncatchable -- a judgement that negates pass interference. As a result, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady went insane, dropping an F-bomb on live TV:

In the days that have followed, fans and pundits alike have debated whether the ball was actually uncatchable -- and when asked by USA Today for his view, former NFL official Jim Daopoulos said the following: "We as officials have always been taught, for a ball to be uncatchable, it has to be clearly out of the field of play or it has to be a kind of -- I probably shouldn't say this -- a Tim Tebow-type pass that lands fifteen yards in front of you."

Of course, USA Today pulled out the quote for a separate item headlined "Ex-NFL ref: 'Uncatchable' should only be factor in 'Tim Tebow-type' passes." And it wasn't the day's only weird Tebow news.

According to the Jersey Journal, a letter to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop caused the community's City Hall to be evacuated. The reason: It was filled with a suspicious white powder.

Fortunately, the substance turned out to be harmless. As for the other contents of the envelope, they are said to have included a letter featuring "spiritual stuff. Heaven stuff. A picture of Tebow."

We hope it was a hunky one, like this....

...or maybe a shot of him with a fellow believer.... But this image probably would have been the most appropriate:

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