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Tim Tebow should start at QB for Broncos, says almost half of America on ESPN's SportsNation

Thanks to Josh McDaniels' success at destroying the Broncos, exemplified by the team's 59-14 loss to the Raiders, Denver's on ESPN's radar right now. On Tuesday, Pardon the Interruption's Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon suggested that McDaniels stay in London after this weekend's San Francisco 49ers matchup, since he won't be an NFL head coach next year. Then yesterday, SportsNation asked viewers if Tim Tebow should become the Broncos' starting QB, and the vote was close. Damn close.

Hosts Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle debated the question early in the broadcast, with Cowherd very much on the negative side and Beadle playing devil's advocate. Cowherd scoffed at the very notion of Tebow as a starter, noting that he hasn't exactly put up big numbers as a runner -- and, of course, he's yet to throw his first regular-season pass. He couldn't believe that anyone would vote in favor of Tebow displacing Kyle Orton at this point, despite three consecutive losses.

Beadle countered by saying that you have to take the car out of the garage to see what it'll do -- to which Cowherd declared that if the car's a Gremlin, you already know what's in store.

Next came the poll results, with Beadle asking how many survey-takers wanted to see "America's hero" get the next start. The answer: 48 percent of more than 5,000 voters taking part.

Cowherd reacted to these results as if an arrow had just pierced him through the heart. "What's that say about America?" he wanted to know. To Beadle, though, it was proof the country is "run by geniuses."

The same definitely can't be said about the Denver Broncos, at least where McDaniels is concerned...

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