Tim Tebow signs the craziest contract of the week?

A Thursday Bleacher Report post about the "10 Recent Contracts Worth a Double-Take" notes of Tim Tebow, "Well, what do you know? Maybe T.O. didn't sign the craziest contract of the week." Turns out, though, that the contract in question was the one Tebow signed to be a spokesman for Jockey, prompting a photo that caused "multiple, small orgasms" for at least one fan. But the pact Tebow inked late yesterday with the Broncos isn't crazy at all. In fact, the deal was among the best resolutions to a holdout in recent memory.

All week, Broncos Nation has been speculating about the right amount to pay new messiah Tebow -- and reports that the agreement would be in the range of $12 million over five years, with around $8 million of that guaranteed didn't seem out of proportion. Yet the deal didn't get done before Broncos rookies were required to report, making Tebow semi-officially a holdout.

According to the Denver Post, the sticking point was allegedly a few hundred thousand dollars -- stupid on the Broncos' part, if true. In the end, though, a bargain was struck, with the overall pact being somewhat less than expected ($11.25 million), although there was a bit more guaranteed money ($8.7 million).

This balance demonstrates smart thinking by the Tebow braintrust. If he becomes a starter soon, and if he excels, the contract will have to be renegotiated long before its expiration, with Tebow deservedly earning bank for his performance. And if he's a bust, or spends years only coming in on goal-line Wild Horse plays, he'll have the solace of more up-front cash.

Crazy? Not at all. If you want crazy, wait until Tebow runs on the field for the first time at the official opening of training camp on Sunday before what should be a record-setting throng.

Our forecast: multiple, small orgasms.

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