Tim Tebow so dedicated to bettering himself he won't even go out to dinner, Eric Decker says

Wide receiver Eric Decker is arguably the most handsome pass-catcher in football -- the sort of guy who probably doesn't have much personal experience with rejection. But in an interview, he revealed that he's recently been turned down for dinner dates on a couple of occasions. The person playing hard to get? Tim Tebow.

During his chat with AM 570 in Los Angeles, Decker was asked if Tebow ever goes out on the town with his fellow ballers. The answer: no. According to Decker, he's so dedicated to staying in shape and getting better at hard stuff like throwing the football that not only doesn't he get crunk at the clubs, but he wouldn't even go out for a meal with him. And he asked a couple of times.

Decker may never be the same again. Listen to the interview below; the dinner exchange takes place around the six-and-a-half-minute mark.

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