Tim Tebow statute may not have eye-black Bible verses? Heresy!

In a post yesterday, we noted that Tim Tebow's autographed cards are worth more if he supplements them with Bible verses.

Tebow is also renowned for putting verse references on the eye black he wears under his waterfall-like orbs during games. But that doesn't mean a statue of him commissioned by the University of Florida will feature them. Controversy in waiting?

That's the guess of Mr. SEC blogger John Pennington, who references an article in the Gainesville Sun about the eye-black question.

The sculptor of the Tebow statue says he can add the Bible verses if the university wants them. But in an e-mail to the Sun, a Florida athletic department rep suggested that the verses might not make the final cut, writing, "Not sure if that will show up well so you can read but we continue to work on the statue... to make as real as possible."

That didn't placate those who commented on the original post, who overwhelmingly supported Bible verse eye-black for the statuesque Tebow.

That's no surprise to Pennington, who predicts, "A fuss is indeed probably coming. I would be surprised if at least one Christian group didn't try to make headlines by demanding the inclusion of a Bible verse on the statue. It would mean attention and possibly money for said Christian group. Ditto an anti-Christian group. If a pro-Bible verse group starts popping off you can bet that some anti-Bible verse group will also start angling for press coverage and donations, too."

The situation is likely to go from better to verse.

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