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Tim Tebow the twelfth best under-25 QB prospect -- and a stopgap starter at best

Because Tim Tebow didn't play in the last Broncos preseason game -- the one that earned Kyle Orton reams of (dubious) praise -- we don't have additional information to help us predict whether he'll eventually live up to the hype or prove to be a better underwear model than NFL signal-caller. But Bleacher Report's Tyler Horner thinks he's already got enough data to place Tebow among the top quarterback prospects under age 25. And he judges him barely above average.

Of the 35 QBs Horner analyzes, he puts Tebow in twelth position, at the top of "Tier 4: Second Stringers/Temporary Starters." Here's his blurb:

Tebow is an emotional leader and tough scrambler, but he has accuracy problems and his strong religious beliefs have caused controversy at times. Despite this, Tebow has enough talent to be a temporary starter for a team who is just trying to keep its head above water.

Who places above Tebow in Horner's survey? Such sure-to-be-timeless talents as the Saints' Sean Canfield, the Bills' Brian Brohm and the Bucs' Josh Freeman, plus bigger names like Colt McCoy (No. 6), Jimmy Clausen (No. 4), Mark Sanchez (No. 3). The list is topped by Matthew Stafford and Sam Bradford, who Horner thinks have the stuff to be future Hall of Famers.

That's a bold statement -- one Tebow would no doubt like to make him eat someday.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.