Tim Tebow: What makes him irresistible to millions of true-believing Christian hotties?

Tim Tebow makes the ladies weak in the knees, and elsewhere: After he was announced as a new spokesmodel for Jockey, one online commenter declared that looking at Tebow's photo triggered "multiple, small orgasms." And that appeal can become a religious experience -- hence Tebow's recent naming as "Single Christian of the Year" by the dating website Christian Partner For Life. What helped him top the chart? Let us count the ways.

Here are the main reasons mentioned by the site's appropriately named Christian Jess:

Tim Tebow is a stand up Christian who lives a life of faith. Whether you look at his words or deeds, Tebow has been consistent and inspiring in his devotion to his family and Christianity. His fame as a football player has not changed his perspective and priorities. He is the son of missionaries and continues to do volunteer work to this day.

In addition to liking what Tebow's done, Jess also admires him for what he hasn't done (yet), writing, "Tebow is a virgin and is saving himself for marriage."

And that's not all:

He stays humble and modest in the face of massive scrutiny and press coverage. He keeps his family as his first priority and goes about his job as a football player in a workman-like way. He emphasizes the good in others. He emphasizes his Christian faith.

Jess concludes, "We salute Tim Tebow and wish him the very best in finding a Christian wife in the future!"

And if he falls in love with a Muslim? All bets are off.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.