Tim Tebow's throwing motion is a question mark, but he signs autographs like a champ

Since the Broncos drafted Tim Tebow, the national-media hype has been off the charts, with Tebow haters clashing with fans who worship him.

Leading the PR parade is ESPN, whose Tebow focus has made it a joke according to at least one commentator. But the net's not backing off. Latest example: a lengthy tribute to how good Tebow is at signing autographs.

No, I'm not kidding. "Signature Moments of Tim Tebow," written by contributor Tracy Hackler, kicks off with a rhapsodic review of his, well, penmanship:

Tim Tebow's signature, like the man himself, is a captivating study -- a sweeping, handcrafted series of loops, lines, his jersey number and, if you're lucky, one of his favorite Bible verses.

From there, Hackler goes on for somewhere in the range of 1,500 words about Tebow's autographing work ethic (he never rushes his scrawl) and the value of his cards, which can go for hundreds of dollars, particularly if he added a biblical reference or "God bless" to his name.

Yes, I know: Tebow hasn't even thrown a pass in an NFL preseasongame, let alone one that counted -- and coach Josh McDaniels went on the Jim Rome show earlier this week to emphasize that Tebow and new acquisition Brady Quinn still have a long way to go to displace Kyle Orton, last year's starter.

But if his passing mechanics remain a subject of debate in many quarters, his signing skills are apparently unparalleled.

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