T.J. Miller Allegedly Slaps Pro-Trump Uber Driver — But That's Not Elephant in Room

Comedian and Denver favorite T.J. Miller, who was born and raised in the Mile High, has had a busy past few days.

Early Friday morning, according to TMZ, Miller, who is currently co-starring with Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston and plenty of other notables in Office Christmas Party, was arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly slapping an Uber driver after an argument about Donald Trump. Then, two days later, he teased his upcoming hosting gig at the Critics Choice Awards by promising to address "the elephant in the room." Turns out, though, that during yesterday's broadcast, the elephant didn't have anything to do with getting busted — but it did involve a certain president-elect.

The TMZ account doesn't provide details about the spat in question. Rather, it simply notes that the driver picked up the Silicon Valley regular from the GQ Man of the Year party, and that, upon arriving at his home, Miller slapped the guy in the head. This reportedly prompted the driver (who had no visible injuries) to "make a citizen's arrest" of Miller, who was subsequently taken into custody by the local cops before being released.

And, yes, Miller, who isn't shy about expressing his love for marijuana, appeared to be intoxicated, TMZ maintains.

We're going out on a limb here, but we're pretty sure Miller, who regularly reps Denver, as seen in this file photo....

...and conducted a great interview with Westword contributor Stephanie Grey at Cheesman Park this past September, wasn't defending Trump during his Uber exchange. As evidence, note that on election day, he tweeted, "Not because I want to be, but because we have to be. Please prevent @realDonaldTrump from putting his name on the White House in cheap gold." In another tweet, he added, "Guys we are losing get to the polls we can not lose GUYS. WOMEN!!!!!"

Just before the Critics Choice Awards broadcast got under way, Miller took to Twitter again, unleashing this tease: "Tonight I will address the elephant in the room at @CriticsChoice on A&E. Tune in and find out."

However, as viewers quickly learned, the elephants in question involved the Russians hacking the election and yesterday being "the 31st anniversary of A Chorus Line."

Not that Miller's opening routine and monologue was Trump-free. He joked, sort of, about an Internet troll being elected to the presidency before telling all the famous people in attendance not to be disheartened by current events.

Laughter did indeed prove to be the best medicine during the program. Whether that proves to be the case with the California court system is another question.

Here's Miller's opening performance at the Critics' Choice Awards.

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