Today show expert says Denver real-estate market primed for bounce-back

In case you missed it (and if you've got anything resembling a life, you probably did), the Denver real-estate market got a big plug on yesterday's edition of the Today show. Real-estate contributor Barbara Corcoran, speaking to anchor Natalie Morales, named the Mile High City as the market most likely to rebound of any in the country. Her reasoning? The high foreclosure rate that's afflicted the citizenry in recent years has been cut in half, yet prices remain affordable by comparison with many other major metro areas. Moreover, Denver is blessed with a "vibrant downtown," a "high-employment base," "educated people," "youth" and one of the largest parks systems in the nation. "Everything in Denver is going to be up, up, up," Corcoran concludes. Hear the words as they come out of her mouth, and learn the identities of the four runners-up, by watching the video above.

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