Today's featured Night & Day event: APEX Movement, Colorado's first parkour gym, opens

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've likely heard of parkour -- the art of moving up, over and around obstacles as fluidly and efficiently as possible. In ever more commercials and movies, parkour practitioners are hurling themselves up walls and over chasms. You may have even seen such folks darting around Denver, leaping to and fro across Skyline Park and bounding around Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Now, if you're up for it, you can try parkour yourself - at APEX Movement, a Denver-based establishment that's opening this Saturday as one of the only parkour gyms in the world.

Developed by formidable local parkour veterans Ryan Ford and Matt Marshall, the 5,500-square foot APEX operation at 2250 Lawrence Street is unlike any gym you've ever seen. There's nary a weight machine or treadmill in sight - just endless permutations of vaults, platforms, boxes and rails, like a giant pinball machine awaiting a few human pinballs. The space will feature regular classes for various ages, crossfit programs and an open gym, plus house a team of professional freerunners (those who practice a flashier version of parkour) who'll be available for stunts, performances and film.

To find out more, stop by APEX's grand opening celebration this Saturday from 2 to 7 p.m. There will be music, food, demos, performances and games - not to mention feats of human strength and agility that would make even Spiderman feel flabby. For more information, check out www.apexmovement.com

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