Tom Tancredo campaign "Tanc" tops are dyn-o-mite: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

A person who attempts to provoke others with outrageous come-ons is referred to as a "tease." From his suggestion to bomb Mecca to his threat to run for Colorado governor, Tom Tancredo's lifetime of taunts makes him the king of tees. Tee-shirts, that is. And what better time to reveal an entire new line of Tancredo Tancs and Tees than during his state-stormin' whistle-stop tour.

Page down to see how Tom pulls train when politics go off the rails...

The Tancredo crazy train could be a runaway success, especially if he promises to give immigrants and poor people a kick in the caboose.

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Look below to see how you can bet your ass on that.

Tom Tancredo was originally a Democrat, but quit the party because he was more mule than jackass. He no doubt will appeal to the many Democrats who lean toward anarchy.

Vigilante justice may spur some midnight roundups, as you'll see by paging down.

Tom Tancredo is a prolific politician and could easily sustain a campaign season funded by the sales of a complete line of collectible bumperstickers and campaign buttons.

Tom's Da Bomb...

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