Tom Tancredo's CU Job Application

As detailed in a More Messages blog, University of Colorado Boulder Chancellor G.P. "Bud" Peterson is spearheading a long-term project (estimated price tag: $9 million) to bring more conservative professors to the famously liberal institution. Well, at least one high-profile aspirant is ready, willing and able to share his rightward views with the student body -- and his name is Tom Tancredo.

On May 14, Tancredo's office sent out a witty media blast entitled "Tancredo to Apply for Conservative CU Job," which notes that the former presidential candidate and lame-duck U.S. Representative just sent in an application for the post. Moreover, he's got some typically nutty ideas for what he'd do if CU actually added him to the faculty.

The release points out that Tancredo actually worked as a teacher before venturing into the less honorable field of politics. And that's not his only qualification. "I should be the clear favorite for the job," Tancredo is quoted as saying. "Who doesn't want a slightly used Congressman, with a 98 percent lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, educating their children?" Then, after boasting that the list of references included with Tancredo's application is headed by Pat Buchanan and "the entire Minutemen organization," the document outlines some ideas for new classes -- namely "Western Civilization and the Threat of Islamofascism," "English Only 101" and "American Assimliation," which would replace Chicano and ethnic studies -- not to mention security upgrades. Tancredo wants to "secure the border around the CU campus with a 20-foot-high fence."

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Oh yeah: the Republican rep promises "to have immigration officials check every student prior to all my classes."

Beginning to regret that conservative-profs idea yet, Bud? -- Michael Roberts

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