Tony Dungy joins rest of humanity in questioning Jay Cutler's maturity

At a teleconference yesterday announcing that he'd joined the NBC Sports cadre of broadcasters, former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy was asked about the Chicago Bears' acquisition of hurler Jay Cutler in exchange for a couple of draft picks and party dude QB Kyle Orton (who's having trouble grasping new coach Josh McDaniels' offense according to today's Denver Post). Most prognosticators think the Bears got the most out of the deal, but Dungy's not sure: A piece in the Chicago Sun-Times quotes him as saying, "I really think Chicago gave up a lot to get a quarterback who they believe is going to be the final piece of the puzzle. But I'm not sure he's won enough to merit that yet. It may turn out to be a great move, but the jury's out. To me, it was a risky move." He added, "We'll see about the maturity level -- that's what I would question. And some of the things that happened leading to him leaving Denver. That would concern me as a coach. That's my question. I think he can make all the throws. But quarterbacking is much more than making throws."

Of course, the prospect that Cutler might be something less than the Bears' savior won't make Orton a better player. But even the prospect of misery loves company.

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