Tony Scheffler: In trade, Broncos get -- practically nothing

When Broncos tight end Tony Scheffler signed his tender offer, it was clear he'd be leaving, just as it was when Brandon Marshall did likewise. But who'da thunk a player this promising would bring in so little?

As reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter, today's Scheffler trade was part of a three-team deal that will see the good-hands man going to (eeesh) Detroit along with a seventh-round pick. In exchange, the Broncos will receive a number five pick from Philadelphia.

Yeah, we knew Scheffler was on Josh McDaniels' shit list -- hence his suspension during the final game of last season. But if sending Scheffler to Detroit is unmistakable punishment, the Broncos are unlikely to be better after the trade unless they're somehow able to find a gem deep in the fifth round -- which seems unlikely given their middling draft performance last year.

McDaniels' my-way-or-the-highway shtick would be fine if the team was improving. But with both Marshall and Scheffler gone, there's no sign of that so far. Addition by subtraction only works if the minuses aren't overwhelming. Back to math class, Josh.

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