Top 10 things 1st Broncos draft pick Von Miller could have bought with the $50 million he lost

Von Miller got screwed. Well, about as much as a guy who just signed a $21 million contract can get screwed. Last year's No. 2 overall pick, Ndamukong Suh, who was selected by the Detroit Lions, signed a deal that could be worth $68 million. Since Miller opted to stay in school last year, he is coming into the league under a new rookie wage scale, which awards newbies significantly less money. Under the old system, Miller could have negotiated a contract potentially worth over $70 million.

But Miller tells the Associated Press he's cool with his current salary. He says he plans on making up for the lost scratch by signing up to five NFL contracts.

Even as a millionaire, there has to be a part of Miller that says, "Really!? The collective bargaining agreement had to expire this year?" Had the agreement still been in effect, here are just a few of the things Miller could have bought with his extra $50 mill.

10. 2,368 pairs of those nerdy, chic glasses: The thick-rimmed, Clark Kent-ish frames he sports seem to be his signature, and with the extra loot, he could have rocked a different pair every day until his next contract.

9. Tim Tebow's book, Through My Eyes: We assume Miller already read Tebow's memoir during the lockout, but he could have picked up an extra copy or two to share with family. Plus, Miller probably knows a guy who could get the Mile-High Messiah to sign a copy of his book.

8. Carmelo Anthony's house: Had there not been a lockout and Miller signed a deal back in May, he could have bought 'Melo's old crib before it was sold at a $6 million loss in June. The mansion sold for $9.5 million, which is a pretty big chunk of $21 million. But it might be for the better. We heard "'Melo wuz here" and "Carmelo and LaLa 4ever" were carved into the hardwood floor.

7. Josh McDaniels's house: Talk about a place that could use some winning karma.

6. Shitloads of green chili: You're in Denver, start liking this stuff. Miller will have to settle for a rather pedestrian green chili diet.

5. Top-notch legal representation for teammate Perrish Cox: Miller has already dabbled in legal proceedings by putting his name on the lawsuit against the NFL, and nothing says good teammate like buying the best lawyer in town for a guy who fathered a child by a woman he may have drugged and raped while unconscious. On second thought, Miller might want to stay away from this one...

4. Jockey staycool t-shirt and FRS beverages: What can we say? The dude can sell. Anything else, Timmy? Right, no abortions. Noted.

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3. Lifetime supply of Ed McCaffrey's mustard and Terrell Davis' Mile-High Salute Bar-B-Que Sauce: Mix them together for a little something we call "Remember when the Broncos weren't depressingly awful?" sauce. It goes well with a bottle of whiskey on those Sunday afternoons when you want to forget what football is.

2. Dinner at Elway's . . . every night: Gotta please the boss, right? And have you seen the cougars roaming the bar? Whew.

1. HGH: What? No one cares. We just want to see our football players run faster and hit harder. If Miller was a baseball player? How dare he.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.