Top 10 UFO sightings: Are they more believable than those red lights over Lafayette? (VIDEOS)

Last week, we told you about a UFO sighting over Lafayette -- and frankly, some of our readers weren't impressed. But the video we shared went viral anyhow, even catching the attention of Good Morning America. So how does it stack up against the top UFO sighting reports of all time?

We used as our starting point for our compare-and-contrast mission the WeirdWorm.com roster of the "Top 10 Amazing UFO Sightings," which we've supplemented with videos. Page down and check them out. Then see the original Lafayette clips -- now labeled "As seen on Good Morning America!" -- plus coverage from 9News and, yes, GMA.

Watch the skies!

10. The Roswell Incident

9. Cash Landrum Case

8. April 2000, Chile

7. The Kecksburg UFO Incident

6. The Rendlesham Forest Incident

5. The Phoenix Lights

4. The Colares UFO Flap

3. The Battle of Los Angeles

2. The Belgian UFO Wave

1. Varginha UFO Incident

More from our News archive: "UFO sightings over Denver, NYC show ET commissions are needed, Jeff Peckman says."

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