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Top 20 Tweets About $72M Loser Brock Osweiler After Broncos Crush Texans

I'm not proud of it, but I have to admit: I've never wished more professional ill on a football player than I do on Brock Osweiler.

Although Osweiler was erratic during his fill-in stints under center in Denver last year, the supposed heir apparent as Broncos quarterback did well enough to suggest that the squad had a succession plan in place for the fast-approaching day when Peyton Manning would retire to TV-commercial supremacy. But then Osweiler pulled a pout after coach Gary Kubiak pulled him for Manning just in time for the team's Super Bowl run — and instead of consoling himself with the knowledge that he was about to be handed the keys to a championship team poised to do more damage, he inked a $72 million off-season pact with the Houston Texans and has spent the months since then lying in an incredibly two-faced manner about the reasons why.

For that reason, I couldn't have been more pleased by Osweiler's astonishing mediocrity in the Broncos' 27-9 victory over the Texans last night — a game in which he threw for just sixty yards prior to garbage time and committed what might be the first perfect-spiral fumble in NFL history. (I'm not certain the referees got that last call right, but I was thrilled by their decision anyhow.) The only thing that would have made it better was a game-ending Von Miller sack. Maybe next time.

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During and after the contest, Twitter Nation lashed Osweiler about the gulf between his compensation and his performance, and the resulting quips and clips are absolutely hilarious — if you're a Broncos fan, that is. Continue to see our twenty favorites, and be sure to click on the videos. You'll be glad you did.

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Continue to see our picks for the ten most memorable tweets about Brock Osweiler after the Broncos' victory over the Texans last night.

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