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Top 20 Tweets About Chargers Crybaby Philip Rivers After Broncos' Revenge Win

Two weeks ago, your Denver Broncos turned in so pathetic a performance against the San Diego Chargers that fans on Twitter were ready to throw young quarterback Trevor Siemian under the nearest road grader.

But it was a different story after yesterday's 27-19 Denver win — a revenge game made all the sweeter by the amount of time Chargers crybaby QB Philip Rivers spent either face down in the turf or upright and complaining to referees about the terrible things that were being done to him.

Granted, the path to a Broncos victory wasn't a smooth one. The sideline collision that sent Denver defensive coach Wade Philips to the hospital sent a collective shock through the Mile High masses (subsequent reports have suggested that he'll be just fine), and Siemian's red-zone woes continued by way of two drives that petered out into field goals rather than resulting in touchdowns.

But the final results ultimately obliterated the negatives in much the same way that Denver pass rushers punished Rivers, the man Broncos boosters love to hate more than just about any other player in the league. Tom Brady is his only real competition.

Continue to check out the twenty most memorable tweets related to a crying Philip Rivers.

Number 20:

Number 19:

Number 18:

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Number 17:

Number 16:

Number 15:

Number 14:

Number 13:

Number 12:

Number 11:

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