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Top 20 Tweets About Which Broncos QB Sucks Hardest After Loss to 49ers

After the Broncos' 22-0 preseason-opening victory over the Chicago Bears on August 11, plenty of fans on Twitter were sufficiently reassured about the ongoing quarterback controversy to predict a return visit to the Super Bowl.

Not anymore.

On Saturday night, August 20, Denver lost 31-24 to the woeful San Francisco 49ers. And while that in itself is no big deal (since these games don't count), the spotty performances of the squad's three QBs were dispiriting.

Trevor Siemian, who got the start, looked terrific in an opening drive for a touchdown but then threw the kind of what-the-hell-are-you-doing interception that suggests he's not ready for prime time. Then, veteran Mark Sanchez lived up to his butt-fumbler reputation by coughing up the ball twice in about a minute. And while rookie Paxton Lynch, the designated quarterback of the future, had his moments, he, too, hurled a pick at the end of the game, and he displayed plenty of other tendencies associated with NFL novices — such as focusing on the receiver to whom he wants to throw with the sort of laser-eyed intensity that will have defensive backs licking their chops.

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During and after the game, Twitter Nation reacted with varying degrees of hatred and derision for the various quarterbacks — and though plenty called for Lynch to start the next pre-season game (August 27 versus the Los Angeles Rams) and perhaps the season opener (against the fearsome Carolina Panthers), others suggested that making such a move would be a sign of panic.

Granted, plenty of folks appear to feel that panic is appropriate about now — a weird turn of events regarding a team that just won the Super Bowl. A countdown of our picks for the twenty most memorable tweets below.

Number 20:

Number 19:

Number 18:

Number 17:

Number 16:

Number 15:

Number 14:

Number 13:

Number 12:

Number 11:

Continue to keep counting down our most memorable tweets about the Broncos quarterbacks after the team's preseason loss to San Francisco.

Number 10:

Number 9: 

Number 8:

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Number 6:

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Number 2:

Number 1:

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