Top 5 list of people who should move to Denver according to people who make Top 5 lists

"Best places" lists (like one from this week touting Louisville) exist based on the weird premise that they somehow matter. Sure, they get lots of views and lots of comments, which means more recognition and more ad dollars. But when it comes down to it, who looks at a list like the most recent one from Apartments.com and CareerRookie.com proclaiming Denver as the fourth best city for recent college graduates and moves here?

Based on the number of twenty- to 24-year olds, average rent of a one-bedroom apartment and the number of jobs requiring a year or less of experience, apparently Denver is the place to be -- right after New Haven-Hartford, Cleveland and Boston.

But college grads aren't the only ones who should drop everything and book a flight to Colorado right away. Here, appropriately enough, is our top five list of people who list makers think should move to Denver right away.

5. Singles: Denver was the thirteenth best city for singles in 2009, according to Forbes. The story recommends the Thin Man and the DAM as places to pick people up, as well as pointing to the large number of professional sports for seemingly unspecified reasons. Maybe Forbes wants women to date Tim Tebow? Also: The 2004 edition, in which Denver-Boulder is ranked number one, failed to mention that picking up people is only statistically easy if you're a heterosexual woman. 4. Pet lovers: Forbes also reports that Denver-metro has more pet-related businesses in its metro area than any other U.S. city, helping to make it the tenth most pet-friendly place in America. If you want a dog, clearly it wouldn't be happy without ten-zillion chew toys to choose from. 3. Families: According to Parents magazine, families should all come to Denver. That's why they ranked us number one, right? Because the only factors that come into consideration for that are air quality, number of pediatricians per capita and recreational activities. Hell, there are free ski passes for tots, too! How could any family resist? 2. Fit people: According to Shape, Denver has the highest percentage of residents who are active for at least thirty minutes a day. Move here and instantly you'll be zapped with the desire to be outdoorsy. It's something in the air, or the sun. 1. Beer lovers:

Give Denver your tired, your poor, your drunken masses, Esquire says. We were named their second-best beer town in a piece that touted Wynkoop Brewing Co.'s food and Falling Rock Taphouse as a great place to go. You can only spend so much time hiking with all the pets and families before you need a drink.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.